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We are Sputnik Precision Engineering

The world class engineering manufacture company with an experience of 33 years



The business was started up in 1987 by its present owner and initially it involved the making of small turned metal parts in very small batches using conventional lathes, for use in compressed air & hydraulics. At this time, tooling like small press tools, moulds and jigs were individually designed and manufactured for customers.

Development & Investment

In 1995, the business invested in its first CNC machine.  It was an interact 1 Bridgeport Milling machine with ISO 30 taper hand changed tooling and Heidenhain Controls. From then onwards, the company acquired various CNC machining and turning center. 

Plant List

Bridgeport VMC1000 Vertical Machining Center 4 axis control /30 BT40 Tools, Swarf Conveyor, digitizing feature, Graphics.
Bridgeport VMC760 Vertical Machining Center 3 axis control /22 BT40 Tools, Graphics.
Bridgeport VMC412 Vertical Machining Center 4 axis control /12 BT40 Tools, Graphics.
Bridgeport VMC600 Vertical Machining Center 3 axis control /22 BT40 Tools, Graphics.
Bridgeport VMC308 Vertical Machining Center 3 axis control  /8 BT40 Tools, Graphics.
2 Bridgeport interact CNC Milling machines BT30
Gildemeister CTX400 60mm Capacity/ 2 axis CNC lathe/ 12 Tools/Swarf conveyor/Barfeeder/ Collet Chuck/3Jaw chuck/Programmable tailstock.  Fanuc Controls
Gildemeister CTX200 40mm Capacity/ 5 axis CNC lathe/ 24 Tools/Swarf conveyor/Barfeeder/ Collet Chuck/3Jaw chuck/Subspindle/ Live Tooling.  Fanuc Controls
Leadwell 60mm Capacity/ 3 axis CNC lathe/ 12 Tools/Swarf conveyor/Barfeeder/ Collet Chuck/3Jaw chuck/Programmable Tailstock/ Live Tooling.  Fanuc Controls
Harrison CNC lathe 100mm Capacity/ 2 axis CNC lathe/ 4 Tools /3Jaw chuck/Programmable Tailstock  Fanuc Controls
Colchester  CNC lathe 60mm Capacity/ 2 axis CNC lathe/ 10 Tools /3Jaw chuck.  Fanuc Controls
4 Axis CNC Spark eroder Schiess Nassovia optimat
5 axis CNC  Agie HSS250 Wire Eroder.
Reneshaw Digitizing touch probe
Jones and Shipman 4th Axis CNC attachment.


Conventional Machines

Heckert Radial Drilling and Boring machine MT4 fully aurtomatic
2 BR2J2 Bridgeport turret mills 2/3 Axis Dro
1 Emco V13 Tool room lathe
1 Emcomat 6/8 Center lathe
1 Large BT40 Milling Machine 3 axis Dro
1 Colchester Student Center lathe
Sawmaster Horizontal Bandsaw
Vertical Bandsaw
Felisatti Press drill
Bosch Column Drill
2 heat treatment furnaces
Excel Grinding machine
Bench grinder
Small bench pillar drill
Snow Horizontal Hydraulic Grinding machinie 12 inch head
Churchill OD Grinding machine
Anodizing plant complete with chiller
1x 4 piston Compressor
I hydrovane compressor screw type
500L receiver
Guyson Shot blasting machine
Hydraulic press 30 Tonne
2 Vibratory Tumbling machines
1 barrel tumbling machine
1 tonne Hydraulic lifter loader
1.5 tonne palletizer
Lifter 2T inclined beam with hook
Mechanical press 15 Tonne
Other Mechanical press Bigger for refurbishment.


The Facility Incorporates The Following Sections

Conventional area fully A/C
Drilling machine area
Grinding Area
Conventional Machine Area 2 being set up which will be A/C
Open area for CNC  machines
Fully stocked metal and materials store and stock of new consumable tooling/cutters/inserts
2nd floor terraced Drawing office/ Reception/ Managing Director`s office/ Board Room/ Living quarters include sitting room/TV room with Kitchen and bathroom/Shower
Rest room/ Wire eroding room/ Spark eroding room/ Plant Supervisor`s office/ Anodizing facility.  Most closed areas are airconditioned
The facility is spread over around 1000-1200sq m

Product development

We can develop your product. If you have an idea, we can do R&D, develop prototypes in all stages, from mechnaical design, trials, prototypes in all stages, testing for durability and functionality, and can mass produce your product.

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